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India DARSHAN Machinery visit our factor
India Dashan Machinery is a first-class manufacturer of plywood machinery in India. This time they came to our factory to visit our veneer peeling machine and veneer stacker. And discussed the technical problems of combining the spindle veneer peeling machine with the vacuum adsorption veneer stacker in one production line. Also discussed the cooperation in the Indian market.
American customers visitin
Mexican customers visited our factory to check our 4 feet veneer peeling machine and the whole production line.
Paraguay customers came to our factory to visit our 4 feet and 8 feet veneer peeling machines and production line equipment. They had a fun time in local scenic spot.

Mr. Lan from Vietnam visit our factory
Mr. Lan from Vietnam visited the our factory and checked our spindleless veneer peeling line. With the rise of the Vietnamese plywood market, the demand for veneer production line in Vietnam has also increased rapidly. And the requirements for automatic veneer peeling line are getting higher and higher. Mr. Lan was checking the operation of our machine in our Chinese buyer’s factory.
26th,December,2018,our boss Mr. Chen visited the factory of Mr. Lan in Vietnam and took photo with Chairman Lan in their factory.
Photo:Mr .Chen and Chairman Lan in factory in Vietnam




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