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  • Participate in the woodworking machinery industry exhibition

    We regularly attend Linyi City Woodworking Machinery Exhibition to show our customers the latest equipment developed by our company.

  • Cold pressing of fiberboard

    The cold press of wet fiber slabs is mainly for slab dehydration, and the roller dehydration method is commonly used. In order to prevent the sudden increase of applied pressure and cause the slab to rupture, four pairs of pre-pressing rollers were gradually pressurized, and then two pairs of rolls

  • Cold pressing of particle board

    The cold press is a machine used in the plywood industry. It can not only cold press the plywood, but also suitable for the production of artificial boards such as particleboard and fiberboard.The purpose of the cold pressing of particle board is to make the structure of the board more compact, to e

  • What kind of veneer dryer is a good choice?

    Veneer dryer is an important equipment on the production line of plywood. Therefore, choosing a high-quality veneer dryer is the first job for enterprises. This article will introduce you to the types and selection techniques of veneer dryers.

  • What Is the Technology of Veneer Dryer?

    The veneer dryer is a tool commonly used by factories to process wood. It is used to dry veneers to remove excess moisture from the wood for subsequent wood production. Nowadays, the technology of veneer dryer is constantly improving, so this article will focus on the discussion of the technology of veneer dryer.

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