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  • Participate in the woodworking machinery industry exhibition

    We regularly attend Linyi City Woodworking Machinery Exhibition to show our customers the latest equipment developed by our company.

  • How to determine the thickness of peeling veneer

    Plywood is composed of veneers. When the veneer is peeled, the thickness of the veneer must be determined according to the thickness of the finished plywood. However, in actual production, there is a vague understanding of the determination of the thickness of the veneer, and even a misunderstanding

  • Solve common problems of log debarker machine

    There are many wood processing equipment, and the log debarker machine is a commonly used equipment and a supporting machine for the wood veneer peeling machine. The wood log debarker machine is mainly a device for removing bark and rounding of logs with bark. The wood log debarker machine is for th

  • Two factors affecting CNC veneer peeling machine

    The cutting speed of the CNC veneer peeling machine can directly affect the quality and output of the panels produced by the plywood manufacturers, which is very important for the panel manufacturers. However, in the process of using the veneer peeling lathe, there will be two factors that have a ce

  • Requirements of plywood machines for production sites

    Requirements of plywood machines for production sitesThere are many types of plywood machines, such as log cutting saw, log feeding machines, log debarking machines, rotary veneer peeling machines, veneer stacker machines, hot presses, cold presses, veneer dryers, etc. Although the uses are differen

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