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  • Participate in the woodworking machinery industry exhibition

    We regularly attend Linyi City Woodworking Machinery Exhibition to show our customers the latest equipment developed by our company.

  • How does the noise of the spindle veneer peeling machine produce

    The spindle veneer peeling machine is the main equipment of the plywood production line. It is widely used in the plywood industry. Like most machinery, long-term use of the spindle veneer peeling machine may cause minor problems, such as when the card peeling machine is running. The noise appears.

  • Cutter grinder machine

    The cutter grinder is mainly used for grinding tools, generally used for finishing metal cutting tools. It adopts automatic feed, which improves the degree of automation, reduces labor intensity and improves efficiency. The sharpened blade has straight lines and higher strength, which makes the blad

  • How to choose the sanding machine that suits you

    Plywood sanding machine referred to as sanding machine or wideband sanding machine in the woodworking machinery industry. Sanding machine is production equipment specially developed for the woodworking board processing industry, floor and wallboard processing industry, bamboo and wood crafts process

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