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4-feet high-speed wood veneer peeling machine detail display

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4-feet high-speed peeling machine for high-speed rotary cutting of various hardness logs, uniform veneer thickness, standard size, maximum cutting speed 120 m/min. The 4-feet high-speed spindleless  rotary cutting machine is mainly exported to the United States, Vietnam, and Indonesia, etc. The following are the characteristics of this high-speed veneer peeling machine.


      1.     Many manufacturers use small sports car type manual cutting, which has poor precision. Unlike them, our factory uses professional CNC laser cutting, which is stable, efficient and precise.


      2.     The second welding replaces the ordinary welding, the accuracy is high, the penetration is good, and the welding is continuous. Less welding slag and good weld finish.

veneer peeling machine

      3.     The mounting surface of the rotary cutter is all machined to ensure the consistency and stability of the installation.

veneer peeling machine

      4.     The verticality and the parallelism between the parts are of good quality.

veneer peeling machine

      5.     The weld is treated by vibration aging and this method is recognized as the fastest way to eliminate welding stress in the world. Prevent welding deformation.


      6.     The screw material is made of 45 steel, which is quenched, and chromed.

veneer peeling machine

      7.     The roller is made of round steel and quenched and chrome-plated to ensure the wear resistance of the roller surface pattern.

veneer peeling machine

      8.     The height of the log supporting frame is adjustable, just adjust the two screws.


      9.     The driven shaft is divided into three sections, and the middle section is the binder. Divided into three teeth, each tooth can be adjusted 0.2-0.3mm. High precision and anti-axis shake.


      10.  The chain adopts a double-chain drive.


      11.  The motor and reducer adopt famous brand products to ensure quality.


      12.  The servo motor drives the precision lead screw feed. Single and double rollers all use dual drive.


      13.  The stroke switch is precisely guided.


      14.  The display has six languages and can be switched at will. Meet the needs of different customers.


      15.  The machine weighs 7.5 tons. The machine parts are all versatile and are standard parts.




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