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Advantages of wood dryers.

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      Wood dryers are used by many plywood manufacturers. Many plywood manufacturers prefer to use wood dryers. Why? Today, let's take a look at the advantages of wood dryer?

      1.Wood drier drying speed faster, can quickly reduce the moisture in the wood to 20% , general time in 10-15 minutes, the effect is very good.

      2.The wood drier dries out the wood moisture control very good therefore the veneer quality has the guarantee. In the wood processing, not easy to appear deformation, cracking and other conditions, affect the use of veneer.

      3.The utility model can also kill the pests and insect eggs in the wood, so as to avoid causing damage to the wood and affecting the later use.

      4.Finally is to be able to reduce the cost, the wood dryer in use, can better control heat, to avoid heat loss, followed by a small area, not easy to form high-temperature working environment.

That's why many manufacturers still use wood dryers. If you want more information, you can continue to follow us.




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