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Working principle and characteristics of veneer peeling machine

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veneer peeling machine

      Veneer peeling machine is a commonly used veneer processing equipment in wood processing plants. It can process wood segments of a certain length and diameter into continuous veneer strips, also effectively improve production efficiency.


       The machining principle of the veneer peeling machine is that the wood section is rotated by the left and right clamping shafts and installed on the blade of the rotary cutter parallel to the axis of the clamping shaft. The working characteristics of the veneer peeling machine are as follows: 1. The veneer peeling machine adopts servo motor to drive precision screw feed. 2. Only need to input the plate thickness number, no need to change the gear, high precision. 3. Different wood species can also be rotated together without affecting the thickness of the board. 4. The board surface finish is good, the veneer is not sensitive to the wood's yin and yang. 5. Saving electricity, simple operation and convenient maintenance.


      Veneer peeling machine is an important production equipment in plywood or veneer production line, which plays an important role in the process of plate production and realizes the high-speed operation of rotary cutting, with good economic and social.




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