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CNC rotary cutting machine purchase

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In the traditional wood board production process, the woodworker cuts the board with a chainsaw, which is not only poor in precision, thick in edges, but also difficult to protect from safety issues. With the continuous development of modern machinery, the CNC rotary cutting machine has emerged, which not only improves the quality and accuracy of production, but also improves production efficiency and automation.

There are many types of plywood veneer peeling machines. What should we pay attention to when purchasing?

First of all, it is necessary to know that there are two main types of rotary cutting machines, one is a spindleless veneer peeling machine, and the other is a spindle wood veneer peeling machine.

The difference between spindle veneer peeling machine and a cardless rotary cutter is that a card rotary cutter is suitable for large diameter wood, and a small diameter wood is suitable for a cardless rotary cutter. In order to purchase a rotary cutting machine, it is first necessary to clearly determine which production area the rotary cutting machine is used for, and thus determine the approximate product type. Secondly, for the quality requirements of the rotary cutting machine, it is necessary to produce a uniform plate and a high output rate, which is convenient for production line. Moreover, the product quality should be stable and reliable, not easy to deform, durable, and cost-effective. In addition, whether the design of the rotary cutting machine is user-friendly, simple and convenient, easy to learn and understand, easy for workers to operate, should also be considered.

After purchasing a rotary cutting machine, after-sales service is very important. The manufacturer of the rotary cutting machine must have a perfect after-sales service system. If the machine fails, it can provide consultation and help solve the problem. These requirements are necessary for the safe and stable operation of the template production using the rotary cutter. This requires the selection of a rotary cutting machine manufacturer that is reassuring, qualified, and guaranteed after sale.




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