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CNC veneer peeling machine five points of attention when operating

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      When using the CNC rotary cutting machine, in order to ensure the use of the machine, the following five points need to be noted:

      1. When the equipment of the CNC veneer peeling machine is running, do not wipe or add lubricating oil to avoid danger. Do not drink alcohol during working hours. Check whether the parts of the machine are normal or not damaged before starting. After the wood is finished, the remaining wood core should not be touched by hand. Regular maintenance of the equipment ensures that the CNC plywood veneer peeling machine can be used better.

      2. Avoid direct sunlight and other heat radiation, and avoid places that are too humid or too dusty. In particular, avoid places with corrosive gases. Corrosive gases are prone to corrosion and deterioration of electronic components, resulting in poor contact and short-circuit between components, affecting the normal operation of the CNC rotary cutting machine.

      3. Keep away from equipment with high vibration, such as punching machines, forging equipment, etc. For high-precision CNC rotary cutting machines, anti-seismic measures should also be taken.

      4. It is better to use the machine in an air-conditioned environment.

      5. To do the inspection and maintenance of the CNC box to ensure the normal operation of each line, we must first fully understand the structural performance of the equipment, avoid overload operation, and stop the operation of the machine in time when problems occur. And usually pay attention to the inspection of each drive belt, keep the oil tank clean.

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