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Changsheng Machinery participate in the 2019 Linyi international wood exhibition

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From September 2, 2019 to September 4, 2019, Changsheng Machinery participated in the 10th Linyi International Wood Expo. At this exhibition, we showed the newly designed machine, 4-feet high-speed full servo CNC veneer peeling machine. The machine's cutting speed can reach up to 150 m / min, and the thickness of the rotary cutting core is 1.0 - 4.0 mm. It is used for high-speed rotary cutting of various hardwoods. The thickness of the rotary-cut core is uniform and the size is standard.



The development of our new machines is based on the needs of our customers and the market. This 4-feet high-speed spindleless plywood veneer peeling machine motor adopts servo motor, which has good high-speed performance, smoother machine operation and more precise precision than ordinary motor.



The roller is made of round steel and quenched and chrome-plated to ensure the wear resistance of the roller surface pattern.



The screw material is made of 45 steel, which is quenched, quenched and chromed.



       The machine weighs 8.2 tons. The machine parts are all versatile and are standard parts.




This exhibition attracted many customers and friends from the same industry to visit and learn. We can get recognition and love from customers. We are very happy. Creating better and more suitable products for our customers is the direction of our efforts. From China, serving the world, this is our goal. In 2019, we will work harder to make better products.




  Mr. Abel
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