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Cleaning method of hot press

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plywood production line

Hot press machine is a kind of plywood machine. The hot press is widely used in many fields such as wood processing, decoration, building materials and so on. It must be maintained in time in use, so that there will be no problems when using the hot press, especially in cleaning.

hot press machine

We all know the function of the hot press machine(hot pressing machine), whether he can be widely used is more important or whether he can help us produce efficiently. After using the hot press, be sure to check to ensure that the machine can run normally the next time you use the hot press. Moreover, the hot press needs to be cleaned frequently. If the hot press is not cleaned in time, a lot of dust will appear on the surface of the hot press, which will cause damage to the hot press. Therefore, in order to better use the hot press, it is necessary to clean the hot press in time. The correct cleaning can extend the service life of the equipment. What is the correct cleaning method?

       The daily cleaning of the hot press is very important. Before the hot press is cleaned, the staff should prepare cleaning tools and turn off the power of the equipment. The surface of the hot pressing plate also needs to be cleaned. Regular cleaning will prolong the service life of the hot pressing machine. When cleaning, check the oil injection parts of the equipment in time, and if there is any oil leakage. Every day before production, we must also check whether there is any abnormality in the veneer hot press production line. First, it needs to be degreased, and then kerosene is used to degrease, and there is a need to clean its various parts. The parts should be washed in an order, first wash the main parts, and then wash the secondary parts. After cleaning, the various parts can not be stacked together, mainly to prevent the phenomenon of collision.

After completing the above operations, be sure to use clean compressed air to blow it clean, or use cotton cloth to dry it, but be careful not to install the parts that have just been cleaned directly, otherwise the air compressor will explode.




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