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Cleaning of hot press

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hot press

The hot press is a kind of plywood machine. The hot press is widely used in the production of plywood. In fact, the cleaning of the hot press is also very important in the use process.

First, the hot press needs to be degreasing, and then gasoline is used for degreasing, and each component of the hot press is cleaned. The parts are cleaned in order. The key parts are soaked first, and then the primary and secondary parts are cleaned. In the process, after cleaning, each part cannot be stacked together, mainly to avoid damage caused by the collision of parts.

After the hot press has been operated, it must be blown clean with clean air compression, and it can also be wiped with a pure cotton cloth. However, please be careful not to install the newly cleaned parts immediately, otherwise, the air in The compressor will explode.

What are the key components of the hot press and how do they need to be cleaned?

1. Sound card rack: used to support point pressing plate and hydraulic cylinder. And when the heat press is working, it bears the total working pressure of the heat press.

2. Hydraulic cylinder: This type of implementation method is critical to complete reciprocating uniform linear motion.

3. Laminated board: used to transmit working pressure, heat, etc., so it is very critical. In addition, the impact toughness, bending rigidity, and thermal conductivity of the laminate will also harm the quality of the finished product and the production volume of the heat press.

Cleaning process

1. Drain the original high-temperature heat transfer oil in the system software (try to avoid the consumption of detergent), check whether the pipeline of the circulation system is unblocked, and keep the system software unblocked.

2. Cleaning: add boiling oil squeeze forming detergent to the vessel, open the circulating water pump circulation system, do not heat up, apply at room temperature. Change the system software gate valve to clean up all the system software components. It is proposed to change the gate valve every hour. The total cleaning time is 4 hours (if the white edge filling liquid in the system software is too thick, the cleaning time must be increased). Open the position of the circulatory system pipeline to carry out cleaning and check the cleaning status. If there is environmental pollution of automobile oil, please increase the cleaning time until all parts are separated and clean, and then proceed to the next step.

3. Drainage: Drain the cleaning fluid and car oil in the heat press system software into the cleaning fluid container. If it can be purged, use an air compressor to purge the remaining liquid in the jacket. When there is no condition to purge, open the gate valve of the heating kettle and dry it naturally.

4. Purchase detergent: It is not necessary to drain detergent after cleaning. Although the tone is dark, it can be used repeatedly. Because the reaction between detergent and oil coke is a melting reaction, a white filling liquid is produced at the upper end of the cleaning liquid, and there is oil residue at the bottom after cleaning the high-temperature heat transfer oil. You only need to pump out the white edge filling liquid and apply the cleaning liquid again when cleaning the machine next time. The actual effect is the same.

    In fact, not only the hot press but other plywood machines need to be properly cleaned and maintained, so that the machine can be used for a longer time.




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