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Common faults of plywood hot press machine

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plywood hot press machine

Plywood is made of used logs after being peeled by veneer peeling  machine or cut into veneers with a slicer, and then pressed with glue (animal protein glue, vegetable protein glue and resin glue) as the adhesive. Thick plates with one layer or more than three layers.

The main uses of plywood: 1. Furniture industry; 2. Construction template industry; 3. Packaging industry; 4. Interior decoration industry.

The choice of plywood machine will affect the production of plywood. In the entire application process of the hot press, some common failures will occur, which directly affect the manufacturing and quality of all normal plywood. Today, people come to analyze common problems.Diameter deviation of hydraulic cylinder of plywood hot press machine.

Due to the relative speed of the piston rod and the cylinder liner, the slide rail and the hydraulic cylinder of the plywood hot press machine, if the lubrication is poor or the hydraulic cylinder diameter production deviation, the damage will be aggravated, and the cylinder liner axis will be reduced in parallel. In this case, when the piston rod is working in the hydraulic cylinder, the friction will become larger and larger, resulting in load or climbing. The cleaning method is to grind the hydraulic cylinder first, then configure the piston rod according to the mutual cooperation regulations, and grind the hydraulic cylinder with the guide sleeve.

Inner convergence of hydraulic cylinder of plywood hot press machine.

The assembly line of the hydraulic cylinder of the plywood hot press machine is not good, the parts are deformed, damaged or the dimensional tolerance exceeds, and the posture friction resistance is too large, so that the piston rod rate of the hydraulic cylinder changes with the stroke layout position, load or climb. Most of the reasons are because of poor assembly line quality, scars on the surface layer or calcined iron nails, which increase frictional resistance and reduce speed. The solution is to re-repair or adjust, replace damaged parts and eliminate iron sales.

If the hydraulic oil pump or hydraulic cylinder enters the gas, the solution is to check the hydraulic oil pump, establish a professional air-water separator, and quickly and practically arrange multiple exhaust pipes back and forth.

Common faults of speed control valve

The first thing to check is that the working pressure of the heat press is too low. Fully open the speed control valve and start the hydraulic pump. The hydraulic steering valve a is on the left side. Slowly twist the pressure handle of the speed control valve to see the change of the barometer.

In any case, the pressure gauge of the heat press shows that the working pressure is only 6mpa, and the pump pressure cannot reach 21mpa, indicating that the working pressure cannot be increased. The working pressure of the speed control valve is not high, which will be a common fault of the speed control valve, and it will also be another reason.

In order to prevent the error decomposition of the standard speed control valve, the speed control valve was removed, the same reserve speed control valve was replaced, and the whole measurement process was repeated. It was found that the larger adjustment working pressure may still be only 6mpa. It is not difficult to see that the regulating valve is good.

When the plywood hot press machine is working, it needs some tricks to keep it. For example, how can the hot press ensure that the glue can be melted into the tank during heat melting?

This was first considered in the design of the abrasive tool, so the water channel design, runner design, glue inlet design, pull material design and exhaust pipe design were added to the hot press. Program. The forming process of the hot press is also processed.

The digital display is the temperature of the abrasive tool, which is increased by 30%, so as to prevent shrinkage; reasonable curing will be more prone to cracks when the temperature is low. Other main parameters of the processing technology that are very harmful to sink marks and shrinkage porosity include melt temperature, injection processing rate, V/P conversion position, back pressure and residual glue amount, etc., and improvements have also been carried out in the design scheme.




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