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Common problems and solutions of glue spreading machine

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glue spreading machine

      The use of automatic glue spreading machinee brings great convenience to the gluing operation. Manual gluing relies on manual trajectory control. Extruding the glue from the rubber cylinder will cause great changes in the position and quantity of material coating. Moreover, the quality of manual gluing largely depends on the operator’s skill, especially For the requirements of mass production, it is difficult to ensure the consistency of product quality by hand. At this point, a lot of manpower is wasted and the delivery time of production is delayed. However, these problems will not occur when using an automatic glue spreading machinee. The automatic glue spreading machinee can ensure that the glue is applied evenly and harmlessly, which not only saves manpower, but also improves work efficiency and increases economic benefits.

      During the use of the glue applicator, there will be some problems. If these problems are not solved in time, it will affect the packaging and sealing of the product. Today we will understand the related problems and solutions in the use of the glue applicator.

      First of all, in the process of gluing, dot-like discontinuous glue appears. At this time, check the distance between the nozzle of the glue spreading machinee and the material. If the distance between the nozzle of the glue spreading machinee and the material is too large, it may appear The glue is dripping. If the distance is normal, you can check whether the glue output is enough; then check the moving speed of the glue applicator nozzle. The glue output is proportional to the moving speed. If the speed is too fast and the amount of glue is too small, the glue will be dripping. Another problem is that there is a tail at the end of the glue. In this case, check the distance between the nozzle of the glue applicator and the material. If the distance between the nozzle and the material is too close, the tail will appear. For the phenomenon of tailing, if the distance is normal, check whether the tailing is caused by too much glue. If both are not, then check whether it is because the glue of the glue applicator is too thin. If this is the case, it is recommended to replace the glue.

      After understanding the above content, you must control the distance between the nozzle of the glue applicator and the material. If it is not because of the distance, check whether there is a problem in other places.

      The daily use of the plywood machine requires the maintenance of the machine. The operator must do the daily production: carefully check and wipe all parts of the machine and equipment before and after the shift; refuel on time and according to the quality; make the equipment regular Keep it clean, lubricated and good. The plywood machinery and equipment are used in strict accordance with the operating procedures in the shift, faults are eliminated in time, and the shift work is done well.

      The first-level maintenance is mainly based on operators, with the cooperation of maintenance workers, to perform partial disassembly and inspection of plywood machinery and equipment; clean the specified parts; clean the oil filter, oil separator and oil pipe, oil hole, oil felt, oil line, etc., Achieve unobstructed oil path and eye-catching oil mark; adjust the clearance of each part of the equipment to strengthen each part.

      Secondary maintenance, mainly by maintenance workers, with the participation of operators, conduct targeted partial disassembly inspection, repair or replacement of worn parts of the equipment to restore local accuracy; clean, check the lubrication system, and replace the aging oil; check , Repair electrical system devices, etc.




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