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Double grinding head cutter grinder

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cutter grinder

Cutter grinder(Knife sharpener) is one of the commonly used equipment in plate companies. After using for a period of time, the blade of the veneer peeling machine is no longer so sharp. It will affect the quality of the veneer produced by the veneer peeling machine, so after using theveneer peeling machine for a period of time, the blade of the veneer peeling  machine needs to be ground. The cutter grinder(Knife sharpener)can sharpen the blades of the rotary cutter very well. The precision special polishing motor of our cutter grinder(Knife sharpener) can improve the glossiness of the crossing, extend the service life of the blade, is economical, practical, durable, and has a low failure rate.

1. The workbench of the cutter grinder(Knife sharpener) adopts electromagnetic chuck. When the blade is placed on the workbench and the chuck switch, when it is turned on, the blade of the rotary cutter will be firmly adsorbed on the workbench of the knife sharpener, which saves the use of bolts. When the blade is tightened, the suction is strong and the heat is small.

2. The main motor of the cutter grinder(Knife sharpener) is a special grinding head motor with high precision and simple maintenance.

3. The cutter grinder(Knife sharpener) adopts a double-tile seat design, locks the electromagnetic chuck, and sharpens the knife more stably.

4. The cutter grinder(Knife sharpener) adopts precision rack and pinion transmission. Make the grinding head run more smoothly.

5. The cutter grinder(Knife sharpener)adopts German Siemens buttons, which is durable. Simple operation and reliable performance.

6. The cutter grinder(Knife sharpener) uses the French Schneider contactor, a world-renowned electrical brand, and the quality and performance are beyond doubt.

7. The ball screw of the cutter grinder(Knife sharpener) is used for lifting and lowering the grinding head motor. It is guaranteed to be used all year round, is not easy to drop the knife, and lifts and lowers without gaps.

8. The stroke of the grinding head of the cutter grinder(Knife sharpener) is controlled by a frequency converter. Different speeds can be adjusted for rough grinding and fine grinding.

9. The precision special polishing motor of the cutter grinder(Knife sharpener) improves the gloss of the crossing and prolongs the service life of the blade.

cutter grinder machine

Double-headed cutter grinder(Knife sharpener) need special attention when polishing, but many people are not very clear about the safe operation of the sharpener during polishing. Today we will understand the contents of the sharpener when polishing, and hope it will be helpful to you.

1. When polishing with a cutter grinder(Knife sharpener), the operator should wear work glasses and masks, hold the workpiece tightly, and wear face gloves to protect the hands from injury and keep them clean.

2. The pressure wheel surface of the cutter grinder(Knife sharpener) should be as light as possible to prevent excessive extrusion and keep the workpiece under the center of the wheel.

3. The staff should not look around and be absent-minded when operating the cutter grinder(Knife sharpener).

4. If the wheel speed of the cutter grinder(Knife sharpener) is significantly slower, it proves that the force is too large or the power of the motor is too small.

5. Always check the coating of the cutter grinder(Knife sharpener), because the coating is easily worn through, and maintain a good ventilation environment for the sharpener to avoid dust accumulation.




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