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Factors affecting the working efficiency of automatic veneer stacker machine

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veneer stacker

       Whether the working efficiency of the automatic veneer stacker machine is stable will be affected by many factors, so you need to understand these factors before using.

       One is the factor of plates. Because it is automatic transportation, the transportation quality has a lot to do with the properties of goods. If the properties of plates change during transportation, the transportation quality is different. In contrast, smaller plates are easier to transport. In addition to the size, it also has a great relationship with the weight of the plate. The lighter the plate is, the faster the transportation speed will be, and the heavier the plate is, the slower the transportation speed will be.


       It is also affected by the factors of the automatic veneer stacker machine itself. The higher the machine power is, the faster the plate transportation speed will be. The smaller the power is, the less the carrying capacity will be .


       In addition, we must correctly operate the high-speed automatic veneer stacker machine, and pay attention to its maintenance at ordinary times, so as to prevent problems and make the plate harvester run better.


       After using the high-speed automatic veneer stacker machine, clean the inside and outside of the automatic veneer stacker machine. Wipe the outer wall of the washer and the stage with a wet rag to ensure that it is clean. You can use distilled water to clean all the pipes of the automatic veneer stacker machine once to prevent the crystallization of the washing liquid from blocking the pipes, and you should also timely discard the waste liquid, so as to prevent the waste liquid bottle from overflowing and causing the waste liquid to flow back, causing the automatic veneer stacker machine to fail. Note that the edge of the hole of the reaction plate to be washed shall not be too high and horizontal to avoid damage to the liquid aspirating needle.

       All parts of the high-speed automatic veneer stacker machine shall be disassembled regularly for flushing to ensure smooth operation. When the harvester is not in use, be sure to unplug the power plug.




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