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Glue Spreading Machine

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Glue Spreading Machine

      What is a glue spreading machine? Today, the plywood manufacturer briefly introduces the concept and use of the glue spreading machine.

      Glue spreading machine is a machine that replaces labor. It is also called automatic spraying machine, automatic glue spraying machine, glue spraying machine, etc. in the profession.

      The plywood glue spreading machine is one of the main equipment for the production of plywood. It is a mechanical equipment that uniformly coats the prepared adhesive on the surface of the veneer.

      According to the number of gluing rollers of the plywood glue spreading machine, it can be divided into three types: double-roll glue spreading machine, three-roll glue spreading machine and four-roll gglue spreading machine. Due to the poor process performance of the double-roller glue spreading machine, the difficulty of controlling the amount of glue, the easy crushing of the veneer, and the low production efficiency, four-roller gluing is often used for glue coating. The plywood glue spreading machine consists of a frame, a glue roller, a glue bucket, a speed reduction mechanism, and an adjustment device.

      Glue spreading machine refers to a machine that applies paint to a solid continuous film formed by one or more coatings on a substrate. Usually the coating film of a small glue spreader is composed of multiple coatings, and the amount of coating is determined according to the requirements of the coated object. Generally, it includes a primer layer, an intermediate coating layer and a topcoat layer.

      The use of automatic glue spreading machine brings great convenience to the production of plywood.

      Manual gluing relies on manual trajectory control. Extruding the glue from the rubber cylinder will cause great changes in the position and quantity of material coating. Moreover, the quality of manual gluing largely depends on the operator’s skill, especially For the requirements of mass production, it is difficult to ensure the consistency of product quality by hand. At this point, a lot of manpower is wasted and the delivery time of production is delayed. However, these problems will not occur when using an automatic gluing machine. The automatic gluing machine can ensure that the glue is applied evenly and harmlessly, which not only saves manpower, but also improves work efficiency and increases economic benefits.

      What are the daily maintenance and precautions for the glue spreading machine?

      1. The glue spreading machine should be placed on a stable load-bearing platform to ensure a platform capable of bearing a load of more than 100KG.

      2. Keep the environment clean, dry and ventilated.

      3. The voltage and current of the glue spreading machine are stable at 220V.

      4. The scraper of the glue spreading machine is separated and cleaned immediately after each use to keep it smooth.

      5. After the glue spreading machine is finished, raise the scraper to a higher position to avoid the tension drop caused by the long stretch of the spring.

      6. If the glue spreading machine is found to be abnormal, please contact the manufacturer in time.




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