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How a veneer dryer Works

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veneer dryer

      The veneer veneer dryer is a piece of equipment that every wood manufacturer needs to use. It is mainly used to dry the wood, so that the wood is not prone to problems in the later use, and the dried boards are easier to save. Many people don't know much about the working principle of the veneer dryer. Let's take a look today. How does the veneer veneer dryer work?


  1. Before entering the veneer dryer, the plates will be processed and divided into plates of the same thickness. After being sent into the machine, they will be heated and evaporated. question.


      2. In the process of using the veneer dryer, some other issues should be considered, such as temperature, humidity, time, etc. Each item has strict regulations. Once the index is exceeded, it will affect the quality of the board.


      3. Finally, in the process of using the veneer dryer, it is necessary to avoid paying attention to electricity use, to avoid circuit problems, causing danger, or causing problems with the board, affecting the use.


      In the normal working process of the veneer dryer, there are many problems that need to be paid attention to, especially the control of temperature and humidity, otherwise it will directly affect the quality of the board. So how to use the veneer dryer safely?

      The veneer veneer dryer is a machine that plywood manufacturers must use. It can remove excess moisture from the wood. However, many manufacturers do not use and maintain the veneer dryer correctly, which will dry the veneer. machine has a big impact. Today let's take a look at how to use the veneer dryer safely?


      1. In the process of using the veneer dryer, it is necessary to take measures to prevent rain and snow, and it needs to be maintained and repaired every year.


      2. In addition, seasonal maintenance is also necessary. The sundries inside the veneer dryer, the cleaning of the hot blast stove exchanger, etc. should be cleaned regularly.


       3. In normal work, it is necessary to check whether the parts, bearings, conveyor belts, etc. of each part of the veneer dryer are damaged in the future, and they should be dealt with in time.


      4. The maintenance time of different parts of the veneer dryer is different. The hot air blower is replaced at 100 hours, the air cooler is replaced at 400 hours, and the motor is replaced at 1000 hours.


      5. The other is the inspection and replacement of the wearing parts of the veneer dryer to avoid damage during normal use and affect normal production.


When we use the veneer dryer, we must pay attention to these problems, otherwise it is very easy to cause danger in the process of use, and it will also affect the normal production.

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