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How does plywood making machine work?

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Plywood making machines are a series of machines for manufacturing plywood. They have their own characteristics and occupy an important position in the entire production process. Therefore, this article will specifically introduce how several of the plywood making machines work.


Plywood Veneer Double Side Glue Spreading Machine for 4 Feet And 8 Feet


  • Rotary cutting machine

  • Veneer Dryer

  • Plywood glue spreading machine


 1.Rotary cutting machine

Rotary cutting machine is one of the main equipment in the plywood making machines, which is divided into spindle rotary cutting machine and spindle less rotary cutting machine. With the advancement of technology, digital servo control technology is also used in the production of rotary cutting machine. CNC rotary cutters have appeared in recent years. The emergence of CNC rotary cutting machine not only improves the quality and precision of veneer production, but also greatly improves the production efficiency and the degree of automation of the whole machine. The CNC spindle less rotary cutter is an important equipment in the plywood production line or veneer production line. It is mainly used for the secondary use of the remaining (or rounded) wood cores with the rotary shaft cutter rotary cutting machine, and the wood of different length Segment, the wood core within a certain diameter range is spin-cut into veneers of different thickness, the spin-cut diameter is small. The characteristics of this plywood making machines are: it uses a servo motor to drive the precision screw feed. When changing the thickness of the board, you only need to enter the number of the board thickness, without changing the gear, and the precision of the rotary cutting is high. Moreover, different wood species can also be cut together without affecting the board thickness.



2. Veneer Dryer

The veneer dryer is a continuous drying machine that dries high-moisture-content veneers under certain conditions to meet the process requirements. It is also one of the most important machines in the plywood making machine. This plywood making machine is mainly composed of two parts: the drying section and the cooling section. The drying section is used to heat the veneer. It can circulate the hot air to accelerate the discharge of moisture from the veneer. The drying section is composed of several sub-chambers, each sub-chamber has the same structure, and the two sub-chambers are connected by screws. Generally speaking, the longer the drying section, the higher the efficiency of the dryer. In the cooling section, the outdoor cold air is sucked by the suction pipe through the fan, and passes through the cooling branch room laterally, and the air is discharged into the atmosphere through the exhaust pipe by the other side fan, and the dried veneer is cooled, generally from 1 to 2 Composed of sub-rooms. The structure of any type of veneer dryer can be divided into frame, transmission device, cooling section, thermal insulation wall and auxiliary devices, but different types of dryers have both common and special features.


3. Plywood glue spreading machine

Plywood glue spreading machine is one of the main equipment for producing plywood. It is a plywood making machine that uniformly applies the prepared adhesive to the surface of veneer. According to the number of glue rollers of plywood glue machine, it can be divided into three forms: double-roll glue machine, three-roll glue machine and four-roll glue machine. Due to the poor process performance of the double-roller coating machine, the amount of glue is not easy to control, and it is easy to crush the veneer and the production efficiency is low. Therefore, the four-roller glue is used to apply the glue.


For plywood production, the application of plywood making machine can bring a lot of convenience and efficiency to our production. Therefore, a full understanding of the operating methods of these plywood making machines can also bring many benefits to our production activities.




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