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Hydraulic log debarker and large gear rounding machine

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plywood veneer production line

Log debarker machine is one of the main equipments for plywood veneer production. The log debarker machine is a deep processing machine in woodworking area. A suitable Log debarker machine can not only improve production efficiency, but also greatly increase the productivity. And also can reduce the waste of wood and better protect forest resources. At present, the log debarker machine on the market is divided into types: the log debarker with spindle and spindleless log debarker machine. The spindleless log debarkerr machine is divided into a hydraulic log debarker machine and a large gear debarker machine. With the advancement of technology, hydraulic debarker control technology is also applied to the production of debarking machine. The appearance of hydraulic machine not only improves the working efficiency , but also requires only one person to operate, and the fur can be used to generate electricity, and the paper industry. The veneers produced by the large gears can be used for plywood production.

First of all, let us introduce the main features of the hydraulic debarking machine.

1.It is mainly used to find round and peeled wood. The surface of the single and double rolls is chrome-plated for better wear resistance and long service life. The veneer is not easy to wrap around the drum, which improves production efficiency. Reasonable power allocation reduces the production cost for the user, the transmission part is configured reasonably, and the continuity and reliability of the equipment work are ensured. The liquid technology is adopted, the feed is rapid, and the skin removal and rounding of different woods are adapted.

2. Relative band saw processing efficiency, high precision and speed. The operation is convenient and simple, and the technical requirements of the operator are low. One debarking machine can supply two rotary cutting machines to work normally, and the original manual peeling and rounding work is omitted. It makes up for the shortcomings of low precision, low efficiency and high operation technology of band saw.

The hydraulic log debarker machines produced by our factory are mainly divided into two types. One is the 350 series, and the other is the R series. These two machines are mainly different from the reducer.

log debarker

  350 reducer to log debarker machine, this model is simple, durable, easy to operate, and the work efficiency is 35% higher than the traditional round machine. This machine is mainly used in India, Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries. It is mainly used for eucalyptus, and is mainly used for poplar, pine and cloned wood in China.

log debarker

The 350 reducer also has a broken rounding machine. This roun ding machine pulverizes the peeled bark for deep processing. Crushed bark can be used as particle board or medium density fiberboard to save raw materials.

log debarkerR

R series reducer type rounding machine.The double roller of this debaking machine adopts left and right linkage structure, have the characteristic of stable running low noise, suitable for the debarking and the rounding of hardwood.

log debarker1

The large gear of the circular machine, this machine has two large gears, relying on the curved plate to complete the rounding work. The advantage of this machine is that the uniformity of the skin is high, and the fur that is found is used for laying the board. But the speed is slower than the hydraulic circular machine. The requirements for wood are also higher.

When using the log debarker machine, the size of the slit can be adjusted according to your needs and adjusted to the most suitable place to remove the bark. Whether the motor can run normally requires checking the power control line to ensure the normal operation of the circular machine. When servicing the line, be sure to turn off the machine for inspection to ensure safety.




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