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Influencing factors of stuck machine in plywood veneer peeling machine

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plywood veneer peeling machine

      Plywood veneer peeling machine is the most common mechanical equipment in the production of plywood, so its development prospects are relatively broad, and it also promotes the fierce competition among plywood veneer peeling machine manufacturers, resulting in uneven quality of plywood veneer peeling machines. *Recently, many customers are reporting the situation that the plywood veneer peeling machine is stuck. Next, I will give you a brief introduction.


    When the machine is stuck when operating the plywood veneer peeling machine, first cut off the power supply, ask professional responsible personnel to test, and then repair it according to the specific situation.


      The factors that cause the jamming may be: the saw blade is too long to work, and the phenomenon of slack and unsharpness will appear, which will cause the plywood veneer peeling machine to be jammed; during the operation of the equipment, the hardness of the wood is too high, which will also cause jamming There is a phenomenon of jamming in the plywood veneer peeling machine; there are also inconsistent heights on both sides of the plywood veneer peeling machine knife, different feeds on both sides of the knife bed, or inconsistent heights of the pressure rollers, and the slow feeding speed will cause the equipment to jam; another One phenomenon is that the quality of the plywood veneer peeling machine purchased is not good, and the phenomenon of jamming often occurs.


      Professionals will check one by one according to the above reasons that cause the plywood veneer peeling machine to be stuck, find the problem, and solve the specific problem. Do not disassemble blindly to avoid secondary damage. Only the right medicine can solve the fundamental problem.


      After understanding the above factors and solutions that cause jamming, we still have to choose a plywood veneer peeling machine manufacturer with guaranteed machine performance and quality, so as to minimize the occurrence of jamming and make the machine run better.

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