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Installation and debugging of hydraulic cold press

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cold press machine

The hydraulic cold press is a kind of plywood machine and also plays an important role in the production of plywood.

There are many types of hydraulic cold presses in the market, usually screw type and hydraulic type. The hydraulic cold press has low noise and fast lifting speed. When the hydraulic cold press is working, it is necessary to debug the cold press to ensure that the cold press is in a good condition. Recently, I often receive messages from some customers to ask about this problem. I will briefly introduce it today. .


First of all, we must understand the operating principle of the hydraulic cold press.

The hydraulic press requires the main cylinder to complete the basic operation cycle of fast down, deceleration limit, pressure holding delay, pressure relief return, and intermittent (any orientation) according to the restricted process, and the pressure, speed and pressure holding time must be able to be scheduled. The ejection hydraulic cylinder is mainly used to eject the workpiece, and it is required to complete the ejection, retraction, and intermittent actions. For example, when the thin plate is stretched, auxiliary actions such as lifting, intermittent and pressure return of the ejector hydraulic cylinder are required. Sometimes it is necessary to use a blanking cylinder to compact the blank to avoid wrinkles around it.

The hydraulic press takes the larger pressure (tonnage) output by the main actuator (master cylinder) in the main motion as the main specification of the hydraulic press, and it has been serialized. The tonnage of the ejector cylinder is often 20%-50% of the tonnage of the main cylinder. The ejector cylinder of the extruder can choose about 10% of the primary tonnage. The tonnage of the blanking cylinder of the double-acting hydraulic drawing press is generally about 60% of the tonnage of the drawing cylinder.

The speed of the master cylinder is confirmed by the pressure processing requirements. Generally, in the hydraulic system directly supplied by the pump, the working stroke speed does not exceed 50mm/s, the fast forward speed does not exceed 300mm/s, and the hydraulic press retreats and fast forwards. The speed is flat.



Let's take a look at the equipment and debugging of the hydraulic cold pressing machine

The length of the pressure holding time can be set according to practical needs: first select the time mode: "hour h, minute M, second S". If the time value is larger, you can set "99.99 hours". After the pressure holding time is over, the buzzer will sound to indicate that the workpiece has been pressurized. It is prohibited to set the time to "0000".

Before the hydraulic cold press presses the workpiece, it is necessary to select the correct placement position according to the actual size and height of the workpiece, and it is forbidden to pressurize the workpiece with left and right sides and front and rear unevenness.


Operation Before the actual use of the cold press machine, a detailed and comprehensive inspection must be carried out again to ensure operational safety:

Check whether the safety protection equipment is correct, strong and reliable. Check whether the transmission of the machine tool and the connecting parts are tight. Check whether the hydraulic system pressure is normal. Whether the rotation direction of the oil pump is correct. Check whether the lifting action is flexible and reliable. At the end, operate the empty machine tool once to see if the entire program moves correctly and place the workpiece in the correct way.




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