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Installation and grinding method of spindleless veneer peeling making machine

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spindleless veneer peeling making machine

       As an important part of the spindleless veneer peeling making machine, the blade is used to cut wood veneer. If the blade is installed incorrectly, it will affect the use of the machine. Then, the following section will briefly explain the method of blade installation and grinding for you, and I hope you can take it as a reference.

  When installing the blade, refer to the centerline height of the clamp shaft. Rotate the bolt to fix the blade heights on both sides, and then position the middle height to make the blade and the clamp shaft center of the machine on the same horizontal line. Tighten the nut.

       The height of the knife edge should be 0-1mm higher than the wood center. If the knife is installed low, it will vibrate during the spindleless veneer peeling making machine. At this time, adjust the knife edge until it does not vibrate the knife. If the installation of the blade is too high, the resistance will be too large or the skin will be broken during the rotary cutting. At this time, the installation height of the blade can be adjusted to the appropriate position.

  Knife grinder can be used for blade grinding. Since the blade material is relatively crisp, attention should be paid to the degree of grinding when grinding the blade. Do not make the blade blue, otherwise the blade will be annealed, causing the tool to be damaged and cannot be used normally, which will affect the production efficiency of the spindleless veneer peeling making machine.

  The correct installation and grinding of the blade will make the spindleless veneer peeling making machine more efficient in cutting wood, and also ensure the quality of the wood. Therefore, pay attention to the correct method of blade installation and grinding.

  This is the end of today's introduction to the installation and grinding methods of thepindleless veneer peeling making machine blade. I hope we can provide some help in your actual use. If you want to know more about thepindleless veneer peeling making machine, please continue to pay attention to our website, and we will update the article in real time.

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