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Introduction of automatic veneer stacker

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automatic veneer stacker

In recent years, the development of the board industry is inseparable from the support of machines, and the automatic veneer stacker machine is one of the main equipment for plywood production. The main function of the automatic veneer stacker machine is to automatically stack the veneers after the peeling, so that the plates are automatically received. Effectively improve the comprehensive utilization rate of wood, save labor, reduce production costs, and improve production efficiency. It is also conducive to the neat planning of the plates and also convenient for large-capacity transportation.

The automatic veneer stacker machine is made of high-quality steel after carburizing treatment, which is durable and plays a very important role in the entire automatic production process of plywood. Greatly improve the efficiency and automation of plywood production, thereby reducing labor costs and improving work efficiency. It can save electricity, simple operation, convenient maintenance, neat veneers after stacking, long service life, deeply loved by consumers.

The veneer conveyor of the automatic high-speed veneer stacker machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, touch screen control, and automatic sorting. Including veneer conveying, automatic sorting, side conveying, board splicing, whole stack conveying, secondary splicing and other smooth non-intermittent operations. The splicing roller adopts dual drives, dual frequency conversion control, high speed of unwinding and stable performance.

The automatic high-speed veneer stacker machine is composed of an endless conveyor belt, a drive shaft, a motor, a veneer pressing device and an electric control box. The conveyor belt is formed by three conveyor belts connected end to end through a chain. The veneer pressing device is arranged between the endless conveyor belts, at the end of the conveyor belt. There are count display and control keys on the electric control box. There is a frequency converter in the electric control box, the frequency converter is connected with the sensor on the conveyor belt, and the two drive shafts are equipped with lifting guide rails. The automatic veneer stacker machine solves the problems of manual board unloading, time-consuming and labor-intensive, veneer easy to crack, and uneven discharge.

In order to ensure the quality of the fully automatic high-speed veneer stacker machine, it needs to be placed in a suitable environment. At the same time, it is also necessary to strictly prohibit smoking and other open flames in the workplace, and it is not allowed to store flammable and explosive materials, pending processing and processed wood Should be stacked neatly. For operators, dress code strictly, and female workers should tighten their long hair or wear work hats. In order to ensure the effect of processing, the workbench should be kept clean and no debris should be placed. In order to ensure the quality of the veneer stacker machine, it is necessary to remove the stains on the unwinding machine after a certain period of time, and to maintain the machine in time, which can save resources and bring us great benefits.




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