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Introduction of hot press

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hot press

The hot press is a kind of plywood machine and one of the machines that are not necessary for plywood production. The veneer hot press is a specific type of hot press, which is a common and commonly used type. Therefore, based on these two points, we need to learn and understand the hot press product, increase our expertise in hot press, and deepen our understanding of veneer hot pressing.

Are the building template and melamine veneer both veneer hot presses? Is there a difference between the two?

Both building templates and melamine veneer press use veneer hot press, but the specific type of veneer hot press is different. The former is double-sided hot pressing, and the latter is single-sided hot pressing.

Is the plywood hot press a veneer hot press?

Plywood hot press, as the name suggests, is a machine for hot pressing plywood, which can be used on different plywood. It consists of a hot pressing body, a control drive part, and a heating system.

Hot press machine, what are its components, and what is it?

Hot press machine, its main components are the frame, hydraulic cylinder, hot plate, heating system.

Frame: Mainly used to support hydraulic cylinders, hot plates, and other components.

Hydraulic cylinder: Mainly do reciprocating linear motion.

Hot pressing plate: mainly used to transfer pressure and heat.

Heating system: Mainly used for heating.

How to replace the indenter of the pulse heat press?

The replacement of the pressure head of the pulse heat press is very simple, as long as the plug of the temperature sensing wire is removed, and the fixing screw is loosened, the heat pressure head can be replaced. The installation sequence is reversed.

Why does the heat press exceed the set temperature?

This mainly depends on whether the temperature sensor and thermostat of the heat press are normal. If it is normal, the general hot press will not over-temperature.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each heating method of the press? In addition, what are the general technical indicators of the hot press? The above two issues are what we must understand, because the hot press is inseparable from it, so it is very important.

The heating methods of the press mainly include steam heating, electric heating, and heat transfer oil heating. For steam heating, although the heating is fast, a pressure boiler is needed, and the pipeline pressure is high, and the heating temperature is prone to unevenness.

Compared with electric heating, although it has the advantages of high heating temperature, fast heating, simple operation, etc., it consumes more power and has a higher cost. Heating with heat-conducting oil can achieve normal pressure heating, with large heat capacity, low heat loss, and uniform heating temperature.

In the hot press, there are usually two technical indicators, namely:

Response speed: the faster the better, which can improve the production efficiency of the machine.

Weld accuracy: The higher the requirement, the better, which is conducive to work accuracy.

Hot press is often used in the field of sheet metal processing, which can increase the processing speed of plywood to a certain extent. What are the specific characteristics? Let's take a look.

First of all, the corresponding speed of the hot press in the work is relatively fast, it can concentrate the heat well, and the distance is relatively small. At the same time, the heating parameters of the equipment can be set reasonably to ensure the output temperature and pressure.

In addition, the hot press equipment also has fault diagnosis and alarm functions to prevent workpiece burning or equipment damage. Usually, the equipment has several heating settings, and the operation is relatively simple, which can well meet the requirements of automated production and processing, thereby improving the work efficiency of the product.

Although the hot press brings a convenient processing flow, we still need to pay more attention to some details in use in order to better extend the service life of the hot press and improve the quality of production.




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