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Log debarker machine faults and treatment methods

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log dearker

        Log debarker machine plays an important role in the treatment of wood and is of great help to the development of the timber industry. There are many machines for handling wood, and wood log debarker machine is the most common tool. What should we do when we are looking for a round machine failure? Now let's introduce the solution to several faults.

1. After the log debarker machine is turned on, the indicator light is on, but the motor cannot be started. In this case, check if the power supply is out of phase or the main control line is connected. Carefully overhaul the power and control lines and the total stop button.

2. Looking for the round machine to remove the bark is not clean, because the knife is low and the knife slit is too small. Solution: Adjust the knife height and the seam.

3. The log debarker machine cannot be retracted automatically. This may be because the travel switch and the retraction control circuit are shorted. Solution: Replace the travel switch maintenance line.

The above is a solution to the problem of wood debarker machine. Use the rounding machine to also pay attention to the maintenance of the machine, so that the machine can run better.




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