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Log debarker machine lubrication

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log debarker

Friction heat generation, friction loss, moderate friction is a normal operation of the machine, but excessive friction has a bad influence on the machine. In the process of the spindle less hydraulic plywood log debarker machine, there are phenomena such as slow operation and abnormal noise, and it is necessary to stop the work in time and carry out inspection. Wood debarker machine to be regularly maintained after a period of use. Lubricating oil can effectively maintain the machine.

The main function of the lubricating oil is to reduce the friction on the mechanical equipment and protect the liquid or semi-solid lubricant of the machine and the processing part, mainly for lubrication, auxiliary cooling, rust prevention, cleaning, sealing and buffering. As long as it is applied between two relatively moving objects, it can reduce the friction and wear of the two objects due to contact, which is the lubricating oil. So how do you find the lubricant for the log debarker?

When the surface of the friction surface is rough, the oil with higher viscosity should be used, and the oil with low viscosity should be applied. For the mechanism that is prone to non-liquid friction, such as variable load, non-equal speed or frequent start and stop, a larger viscosity should be used. Lubricating oil; the greater the pressure per unit area, the greater the viscosity of the lubricating oil; the more prone to non-liquid friction, such as variable load, non-equal speed or frequent start, stop, etc., should use a larger viscosity lubricant.

Log debarker machine maintenance, the machine can work better and effectively extend the service life of the machine.




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