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Log debarker reasons for adding hydraulic oil in

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1log debarker

The log debarker machine is highly adaptable to wood and can be used to peel wood segments of different tree species, diameters, lengths and shapes. Now wood debarker machine, not only the logs are round, but also the function of removing the bark. Plywood log debarker machine to make the logs smoother and bark. Fur can be returned to everyone. Looking for the maintenance and maintenance of the log debarker machine is very beneficial to our production. Not only does the machine take longer to use, it also ensures production efficiency.

It is important to find the maintenance of the circular machine to add oil to the machine. If it does not change for a long time, there is a problem with the quality of the hydraulic oil, such as deterioration, water ingress, excessive solid particles, etc., which will cause damage to the equipment, and the machine will not work, resulting in production stoppage. Fueling the machine plays an important role in the maintenance of the circular machine.

So what is hydraulic oil?

Hydraulic oil is a hydraulic medium used in hydraulic systems using liquid pressure energy. It plays the role of energy transmission, anti-wear, system lubrication, anti-corrosion, rust prevention and cooling in the hydraulic system.

Therefore, we must use hydraulic oil correctly: 1. Ensure that the hydraulic oil is not used at high temperatures; the oil will oxidize and deteriorate quickly at high temperatures. 2. The air filter on the hydraulic station should use a filter that can both filter particles and filter moisture. 3. Do a regular oil test.

What is the important role of hydraulic oil?

1. Pressure transfer: The compressibility of hydraulic oil is usually small, and we can approximate it as an incompressible fluid, so the hydraulic oil can transfer the pressure acting on it in the same direction and in all directions.

2. Lubrication: In the hydraulic transmission system, the friction coefficient can be reduced, and the wear of parts can be alleviated.

3. Cooling: Hydraulic oil has good thermal conductivity, which has the effect of reducing temperature and reducing wear.

4. Anti-corrosion: At present, metal parts are the main parts of the hydraulic transmission system. If they are exposed to the atmosphere for a long time, they will rust due to the erosion of harmful substances such as water and air, which seriously endangers their performance. If metal parts or the like are immersed in hydraulic oil, the processed surface of the metal parts can be isolated from harmful substances such as water and air, thereby reducing corrosion and preventing rust.

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