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Main machine of plywood production: sanding machine

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The sanding machine can be divided into three types: Wide-belt sanding machine, roller sanding machine, and disc sanding machine. Comparing with the other two type machine, wide-belt sanding machine is widely used in plywood production and other wood boards production and processing. According to different usage, the wide belt sanding machine is divided into a polishing machine and calibrating machine. And according to the quantity of sanding belt, people divide the sanding machine into single side sanding machine and double side sanding machine.

 double side sanding machine

Plywood polishing machine is mainly used for a smooth surface. In the process of plywood production, the surface will not always be smooth. The surface maybe some slightly uneven, or some small particle sticks on the surface. Plywood polishing machines are widely used in such scene in plywood factories.


Plywood calibrating machine is used to sand the plywood to the specified thickness. Because of the inequality of veneer thickness, the final thickness of different plywood may have some small difference, so it is very important to sand the thickness to the same level. Comparing with a polishing machine, calibrating sanding machine has a larger force, and the sanding belt is rougher.

 wide belt sanding machine

Single side sanding machine only has one sanding belt; the plywood goes through the sanding belt; only the upper surface or lower surface is sanded. If you want to sand both sides, you should use a panel turnover machine to overturn the boards to change the side. Or you can add another single side sanding machine with converse direction after the sanding machine. Double side sanding machine is mostly used for large volume production; it can sand both sides at the same time. You can combine two or more double side sanding machine to improve the output, and achieve polishing and calibrating at the same time. 




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