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Maintenance and operation of the glue spreading machine

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gule spreading machine

Any equipment that produces plywood requires proper maintenance. Only in this way can the service life and applicability of the machine be improved. The glue spreading machine is one of the equipments for the production of plywood. In production, if routine maintenance work cannot be carried out, it will easily affect the normal use of the glue spreading machine and reduce the production efficiency. Therefore, the glue spreading machine must be properly maintained to ensure the coating normal operation of the melter.

1. Clean adhesive

When the glue spreading machine is working normally, some adhesive may remain in the profile of the table, which is one of the daily maintenance of the glue spreading machine. After finding the remaining glue, cut off the roots immediately so as not to affect the subsequent work of the glue spreading machine. If there is dust and stains, you can directly wipe it with a clean cloth to remove it, and the maintenance work will not be wasted, and no glue will be applied.


          2. Adhesive Foam

Manufacturers must know the key points of glue spreading machine use in order to increase productivity. After using the adhesive, it must be stored separately, and must not be assimilated with the existing adhesive. It must be stored separately in the transmission of no room, warm and soft sunlight to ensure the sealing of the storage tools. Prevent air from mixing into the adhesive, which directly affects the bond strength and ending, and daily management is just to prevent the problem of glue.


          3. Daily maintenance work of glue spreading machine

After the glue spreading machine high-intensity work, the needle has an influence on the mucus. If the needle tip is found to be worn, the dispensing needle can be replaced with a new one. In fact, the daily maintenance of the glue spreading machine is not difficult. What is more troublesome is that it is often necessary to replace the glue spreading machine parts and add lubricating oil. All the key parts of the mechanical equipment will cause friction, and it is easy to dislocate the glue if it is not maintained for a long time.

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