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Plywood production line the advantages of investing

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With the improvement of people's living standards, plywood is widely used in our lives. Many companies are ready to invest plywood production project. Comparing to other investment programs, plywood production project especially suit for small-scale investment in a developing country, comparing to other investment programs, it has the following advantages.

1. The investment cost is not high. A full plywood production line with 15000 cubic meters capacity only cost about 500 thousand dollars. Moreover, if you still think the cost of this high, you can just invest half of the line, you can invest a veneer peeling line at the beginning, then sell the veneers to plywood factories. Alternatively, you can just buy the veneers to produce plywood.

2. Comparing to other manufacturing projects. The technology of plywood production is now mature, and the workers are more comfortable to grasp the production skills. Accessible technology is essential, especially in remote areas.  

3. The industry chain of plywood is not too long compared with other industries. You do not need so many related companies to provide the materials and services. This is more important for underdeveloped countries. If the industry chain is too long, there are only a few parts of the chain are in your country, the cost of related service and material will rather higher, then the cost of production will be rather high than the country who have an integrated industry chain.

4. In most countries, the plywood production line is not automatic lines. Only in a few countries, a complete automatic plywood production line exists, and their output is rather a very slight quantity comparing to total global production. So the salaries take a very big percentage of plywood cost, the low salary level is the advantage of developing countries.

5. Plywood is widely used in different businesses. The return cycle of investment is very short. If you make a plywood production line in Africa, the benefit is rather impressive because of abundant human-resources and accessible log sources.

6. The raw materials for plywood is logs. The logs is the gift of nature; the usage of plywood will effectively save the log resources. I mean it could minus the waste when you cut logs directly to panels.

7. The degree of automation is not high in plywood production. Most machines are separated rather than connected to make a whole line. So the factories do not need well-educated workers to operate the machine and maintain the production line. You just need cost one day to train the workers on how to do. I think that it is important in some countries, though there are many well-educated people, there will be few want to act as a workshop worker.

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