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Plywood production machine: cold press machine

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Plywood cold press machine is not an indispensable machine in plywood production, but now most factories prefer to press the plywood mattress by cold press machine before the hot press. Two reasons lead plywood cold press machine are widely used: 1. the cold press can make the veneers bond together, convenient for the transportation. 2. the cold press can effectively lower the height of the plywood mattress, so the opening of the hot press will be lower than that before, then the difference between the front surface and back surface will be less.

 cold press machine 2

The structure of the cold press machine can be divided into two kinds according to the position of the main cylinders: up-to-down structure and down- to-up structure. In Down-to-up structure cold press machine, the cylinders are installed on the bottom of the machine, the pressure is from down to top. In Up-to-down structure cold press machine, the main cylinders are installed on the top of the device, the pressure is from top to down, after press, the lifting cylinders lift the main cylinders again. Comparing with down-to-up structure, the veneer pressed by up-to-down structure will have a higher quality, when down-to-up structure cold press machine raise the cylinders, the veneer stacks will shake along with them. And an up-to-down structure machine can be used in an automatic press line easily.

cold press machine


No matter which kind of structure cold press machine, the structure is very simple and the machines from different factories look the same. When you are buying a cold press machine, you can find a good quality cold press machine through three aspects: 1. the hydraulic cylinder should be well sealed, and the block should be cast iron. 2. The hydraulic station should be strong enough to withstand the huge pressure, and the motor should be stable running. 3. the frame should adopt the thick steel plate as material and should use more welding materials.




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