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Precautions after the rotary cutter is replaced by the veneer peeling making machine

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veneer peeling making machine

       The blade of the veneer peeling making machine will wear out after a period of use. If the new blade is not replaced in time, the quality of the rotary cutting veneer will be affected. Therefore, in order to improve production efficiency, some manufacturers will replace new blades, which is correct, but it should be noted that after replacing new blades, pay attention to the following contents in order to avoid problems in the operation of the rotary cutter.


      First, friends who know something about veneer peeling making machines know that the blades of veneer peeling making machines need to be polished to be better used, but when grinding rotary cutting blades with a knife sharpener, they should not be sharpened too much, because These materials are very thin and brittle. If the blade is ground to a blue color, the blade will be annealed, resulting in the blade not being able to be used normally. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly follow the specifications for the grinding of rotary cutting blades.


       Second, in the process of rotary cutting work, it is necessary to control the amount of feed and cooling effect, which can avoid the situation that the newly polished blade is easy to shield during the rotary cutting production process, so that the single cut out of the veneer peeling making machine can be avoided. There will be obvious gaps in the board, which will affect the efficiency of production.


       Third, when grinding the blade edge of the rotary cutter, it is necessary to avoid the phenomenon that the blade edge is ground into a concave shape, which affects the shape of the veneer and reduces the efficiency and quality of production.


       Through the sharing of the above three points, I hope that everyone can understand the precautions after replacing the blade of the rotary cutter. In addition, the quality of the veneer peeling making machine itself is also very important. It is necessary to purchase a veneer peeling making machine with high quality. Good veneer peeling making machine parts are relatively guaranteed, which can ensure the effective operation of the veneer peeling making machine. For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website, and welcome friends to visit our factory.

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