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Problems that should be paid attention to in the production process of glue spreading machine

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glue spreading machine

      The glue spreading machine plays an important role in the production of plywood. Today we will learn what are the precautions in the glue spreading machine operation.

      For the manufacture of adhesive tapes with high air resistance and water resistance, and thickness <0.15mm, it is appropriate to use the gluing method for multiple gluing to achieve good results; if the fabric strength is low, it cannot withstand the pressure of calendering and gluing. When it is time, it is also suitable to choose the glue method. The fabric is coated with glue first and then calendered with glue, which can significantly improve the bonding force between the fiber and the rubber. In addition, the state stipulates that in the production workshop, the concentration of gasoline gas shall not exceed 0.3mg/L. When the concentration reaches 5-6mg/L, it can cause acute poisoning. An effective way to reduce the concentration of solvent gas is to set up a solvent recovery device and a good ventilation device at the same time.

In the gluing process, in addition to choosing the correct gluing method, the environment of the workshop when the glue spreading machine is working is also important.

      Viscosity and density requirements of glue applicator

      The quality of the glue applicator glue is an important factor that affects the gluing operation, and the viscosity and density are important factors that affect the quality of the glue. Let's understand the viscosity and density requirements of the glue applicator.

      The viscosity of the glue applicator is measured with a Brookfield viscometer, and the unit is "cps centipoise". The reading of the viscosity of the glue applicator is generally between 300 and 30000 cps. In water-soluble adhesives, the solid content does not determine the viscosity of the glue, but plasticizers, tackifiers, etc. in the glue formulation, which affect the viscosity of the glue. Generally, the higher the ambient temperature is , The lower the viscosity of the glue, and if the temperature decreases, the viscosity of the glue will increase.

      Under normal circumstances, the viscosity of glue at 27°C is "1". The above is the introduction of the viscosity and density of glue.

      The glue spreading machine has been used for a long time, how should the parts of the glue spreading machine be cleaned?

      First of all, clean the glue gun of the glue spreading machine. When cleaning, first loosen the positioning screw on the glue spreading machine gun, unscrew the handle mixer, and clean the handle mixer at the same cycle as the gun, once every six months or a year. Then, for the cleaning of the Y-type filter, the end cap is unscrewed during cleaning, soaked in kerosene, and cleaned with a toothbrush brush.

      Then, it is the cleaning of the needle valve. Unscrew it during cleaning, use needle-nose pliers to unscrew the small nut, pull out the needle body and spring, and clean them all. After these cleanings are completed, the parts of the glue applicator can basically be cleaned. After cleaning, the glue applicator is cleaned. The effect will be better.




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