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Requirements of plywood machines for production sites

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plywood machine

There are many types of plywood machines, such as log cutting saw, log feeding machines, log debarking machines, rotary veneer peeling machines, veneer stacker machines, hot presses, cold presses, veneer dryers, etc. Although the uses are different, they are used The occasion requirements are similar.

The general safety requirements for plywood machines include the following:

1. The motor and electrical parts of the machine should be implemented in accordance with its related requirements.

2. Improve fire prevention measures. Because wood processing is involved, and wood is a substance that easily catches fire, it is necessary to have sound fire prevention measures in places such as transporting wood materials, processing workshops, and waste storage. The workplace should be equipped with complete and reliable fire fighting equipment. Smoking and other open flames are strictly prohibited in the workplace, and flammable products such as oil and cotton yarn are not allowed to be stored.

3. Timber to be processed and processed in the workplace should be neatly stacked to ensure smooth roads.

4. The machinery should be kept clean, the safety protection devices should be complete and reliable, all parts should be connected tightly, and no debris should be placed on the workbench.

5. High-speed rotating parts such as belt pulleys, saw wheels, cutter shafts, saw blades, grinding wheels, etc. of the machinery should be balanced during installation. All kinds of knives must not be cracked or damaged.

6. For woodworking machinery equipped with pneumatic dust removal device, the dust exhaust fan should be started before operation, and the dust exhaust pipe should be kept free from deformation and air leakage.

7. It is strictly forbidden to measure the size of the workpiece and clean up the wood chips, shavings and debris on or at the bottom of the machine while the machine is running.

8. It is not allowed to transfer workpieces, tools, etc. across the mechanical transmission part during operation. When troubleshooting and disassembling tools, the power supply must be cut off after the machine has stopped. Operators and auxiliary personnel should cooperate closely to deliver materials at a synchronous and uniform speed.

9. According to wood material, thickness, humidity, etc., select the appropriate cutting and feed speed. Before processing, iron nails, iron wires and other metal objects should be removed from the wood.

10. The conveyor belt under the ground should be covered with a protective plate, and the surface of the metal plate should be non-slip.

11. The technological process for irritating and flammable substances should be completed in an independent workshop, with protective equipment and fire fighting equipment.

12. After operation, cut off the power supply, lock the brake box, wipe, lubricate, and remove sawdust. The storage location of sawdust and waste should not be located in the workshop, but should be placed outside the workshop.

The above are the requirements for the use of plywood machines.




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