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Selection of grinding wheel for cutter grinder

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cutter grinder

      The cutter grinder(knife grinder) is mainly used for straight-edged knives with different angles, suitable for plywood, furniture, printing, textiles and other knives. It is also suitable for bevel cutting of high-speed tool steel. The machine tool consists of five parts: body, sliding plate, motor, grinding head, and electrical parts. Each component has a compact structure, a reasonable and beautiful layout, can guarantee the same height and weight, and shows unique advantages, so it is an ideal choice for plywood factories and straight blade manufacturers.

      The cutter grinder(knife grinder) of the blade sharpened by the sharpener mainly depends on whether the grinding wheel of the sharpener is easy to use. Grinding wheel is the main type of abrasive tool in grinding process. The grinding wheel is a porous body made by adding a binder to the abrasive, followed by the blank, drying and roasting. The characteristics of grinding wheels are very different due to different abrasives, bonding agents and manufacturing processes, which have an important impact on the quality, productivity and economy of grinding. The characteristics of the grinding wheel are mainly determined by factors such as abrasive, particle size binder, hardness, organization, shape and size.

      There are many types of grinding wheels for cutter grinder(knife grinder). According to the abrasives used, they can be divided into ordinary abrasives (corundum (Al2O3) and silicon carbide, etc.) grinding wheels and super-hard abrasives (diamond and cubic boron nitride) grinding wheels; according to the shape of the grinding wheel, it can be divided into flat grinding wheels, Bevel grinding wheels, cylindrical grinding wheels, cup-shaped grinding wheels, dish-shaped grinding wheels, etc.; according to the bonding agent can be divided into ceramic grinding wheels, resin grinding wheels, rubber grinding wheels, metal grinding wheels, etc.

      Today, I will teach you how to choose the grinding wheel of the cutter grinder(knife grinder). The choice of grinding wheel for cutter grinder(knife grinder) mainly depends on the following two points. The first is the abrasive for the grinding wheel of the cutter grinder(knife grinder). We recommend that you use white corundum, because this kind of abrasive has good self-sharpening properties and is not easy to generate heat during sharpening. Secondly, choose brown corundum or chrome corundum. There is also the particle size of the grinding wheel. The abrasive particles of the grinding wheel are too coarse, and the sharpening finish is not up to the required level, and it is easy to crack the cutting edge; when it is too fine, it is easy to burn the grinding surface and the grinding efficiency is also low.

     Because the choice of grinding wheel is closely related to the sharpness of the cutter grinder(knife grinder), we must choose a suitable grinding wheel to ensure the normal operation of the grinder.




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