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Single layer hot press

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hot press

The single-layer hot press is a type of flat pressing hot press. The single-layer hot press is characterized by its simple structure, no loading and unloading board, and can save the cold press, which is convenient for continuous and automatic control. The hot press can be made into a large format, thereby reducing edge loss and improving wood utilization.

There are generally 3 types of process production lines equipped with a single-layer hot press:

(1) A single-layer hot press production line for transporting steel belts

The production line is composed of a mobile spreader and a hot press. The revolving transport thin steel belt is used to transport slabs and finished plates. The thin steel belt is extended to the bottom of the laying machine, so that the slab is formed on the steel belt, and then sent out into a plate by the hot press. The paving machine in this line is a mobile paving machine. A new slab is laid on the thin steel belt under the machine. In other words, slab forming is discontinuous in this production line. After the board is pressed, the hot press is turned on, the steel belt runs forward, and the sheet is transported out of the hot press, and a new slab is loaded, and the next board is pressed.


(2) Three single-layer hot press production lines for transporting steel belts

The production line is composed of a spreader, a cold press, a cross-cut saw, a single-layer hot press and three thin steel belt conveyors. The slab is continuously laid on a thin steel belt that moves continuously by a fixed spreader. Then, the slab passes through a metal detector to a continuous cold press with linear pressure. A cross-cut saw is installed behind the forming conveyor belt. When the length of the slab transferred to the conveyor belt is equivalent to the length of the hot press, the cross-saw works to cut the slab. Subsequently, the sawn slab accelerates forward and is transported to the thin steel belt of the hot press. The thin steel belt will send the damaged slab to the single-layer hot press, park it in a suitable position and perform hot pressing. After finishing the hot pressing process, the finished plate is sent to the roller conveyor behind the hot pressing machine. Then another slab is sent to the single-layer hot press.


(3) Mobile single-layer hot press production line

It consists of a paver, a cross-cut saw, a reciprocating single-layer hot press and a continuous-moving mesh belt. The slab is continuously laid and formed on a mesh belt moving at a constant speed. The continuous slab strip is cut into slabs by the cross-saw according to the set specifications and sent to the hot press. When the slab enters the hot press, the hot pressing plate is closed to heat the slab and moves forward at the same speed as the mesh belt. When the hot pressing is completed, the hot press is turned on and quickly returns to the planer to heat the next slab.

The above content is the introduction of the single-layer hot press




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