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Solutions for glue spreading machine failures

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 glue spreading machine

       The glue spreading machine can replace manpower and greatly improve work efficiency. It can be used for new production lines or independent production line stations, and it can also upgrade existing production systems. Manual gluing and painting is very troublesome, but using a professional automatic glue spreading machine to glue the material can be solved. High-precision, high-quality automatic glue spreading machines and gluing systems not only improve part quality, but also shorten production cycles. The introduction of automatic gluing equipment in the gluing process can make the product stable and maintain excellent gluing quality and consistency, and can also reduce the phenomenon of over-coating and reduce the consumption and waste of raw materials.

       There are ordinary type and automatic type of glue spreading machine. Among them, the automatic glue machine can be divided into many other different types according to different uses. Today, the glue spreading machine manufacturer will explain the relevant knowledge to you.

       The common type of glue dispenser is a floor-standing double-liquid dispenser; another is an automatic conductive glue dispenser. The main difference between this dispenser and the ordinary dispenser is that the cross-section of the conductive glue dispensed is The triangular distribution state is mainly used for the dispensing work of electromagnetic shielding. There is also a type of spray-type automatic dispensing machine, which uses a glue-spraying valve and operates online. To the role of dust, moisture and insulation. The last type is the phosphor jet dispenser, which is mainly used in the LED industry.

       It can be seen that there are still many types of automatic glue spreading machine. When we choose to use, we must choose the product that suits our needs.

       With the development of society, more and more enterprises use machines to produce. The glue spreading machine is one of the commonly used equipment in the sheet metal industry, but after a long time in any machine, the wear and tear of the parts will cause problems, and this may also happen with the glue spreading machine. Now, let's take a look at how to solve this problem.

glue spreading machine

      After long-term use, the glue spreading machine will sometimes make a creaking sound, which is usually caused by friction, which may be caused by insufficient lubricant. Therefore, you can check the places where the equipment is connected and rotate frequently, and add lubricating oil later. This abnormal sound occurs even if the screw at the connection is loose, which is dangerous. The machine should be stopped in time for inspection, and an expert should be asked for operation and maintenance.

        When using the glue spreading machine, the staff should confirm whether the equipment is complete. If there is a problem with the wiring or the parts of the glue spreading machine are missing, they cannot operate the equipment. During use, if you find that the glue spreading machine emits abnormal sound, vibration or smell, you should immediately shut down the glue spreading machine and then check it to prevent accidents.




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