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Spindle less Core Veneer Peeling Line 4/8 Feet

Veneer peeling production line is one more automatic production process In the production of plywood, this line was composed of log feeder, log debarker machine,veneer peeling peeling lathe ,automatic stacker. save time ,high efficiency
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4 Feet Spindle less Core Veneer Peeling Line

       This 4 feet spindle-less veneer peeling line has a daily output of more than 50 cubic meters. This line requires only three people to operate. It is easy to operate, saves labor, and can be automated. This automatic production line has been approved by customers and has increased production capacity by 20% compared to split production lines.

plywood veneer production line

4 feet veneer peeling line CAD picture

log debarker

4 Feet Log Debarker1.log debarker

log tramsfer

Log Transfer of Woodworking Machine


log feeding machine

4 Feeding Log Feeding Machine

3.log feeding machine

veneer peeling machine

4 Feet Veneer Peeling Machine

4. veneer peeling machine

veneer stacker machine

Veneer Stacker

4. veneer stacker

Can be customized according to customer requirements.

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