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Tea party

Views: 17     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-10-29      Origin: Site


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On October 29, 2019, members of the Changsheng machinery  Welding Group conducted a tea party in the company training room. The theme of this teapot meeting is to strengthen communication and communication, strengthen the team-building of the company, and comprehensively improve the technical and management capabilities of the team.

        At this teapot, the company prepared food and tea drinks to create a relaxed communication atmosphere for everyone.

First of all, the participants exchanged technical questions that they encountered in their actual work. The technical experts of our company gave professional explanations and answers to the questions raised.

        Later, I made a wonderful speech on how to communicate and experience in the work and had a heated debate on how to communicate horizontally and vertically in the work. Through this exchange, we realized the importance of communication and communication and raised our awareness of working together and solving problems together. Increased team awareness.

Through this tea party, team awareness is clear. In team building, everyone is an important part. To cooperate with the company to build a team, we must first recognize the role of our position and effectively play our role in the team. Role and value.


          Cohesion is at the heart of team building. Effective execution is the concrete embodiment of enterprise management at the grassroots level. The purpose of this tea party is to conduct effective communication and finally reach a consensus. Learn together and make progress together. After all, the strength of a person is not strong, the strength of the team is truly powerful.

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