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The 16th China Forestry Products Fair

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The 16th China Forestry Products Fair was held on September 19, 2019 at the Heze International Convention and Exhibition Center. Changsheng Machinery participated in the exhibition. At this exhibition we showcased two products, 4 feet full-servo high-speed wood veneer peeling machine and 8 feet face veneer peeling machine.

veneer peeling machine

4 feet full servo plywood veneer peeling machine, the motor of this machine is all servo motor, which can be used for high-speed rotary cutting of various hardness logs. The cutting speed can reach 150 meters/minute at the fastest. The machine weighs 8 tons and the operation is more stable. The produced veneers are uniform in thickness and standard in size. This machine is our main model for exporting.

    4 feet rotary cutting machine also has the following features:1. All the installation surfaces are all milled surfaces;2. All the machine parts are standard universal parts;3. High power, high speed rotary cutting power;4. Full servo motor guarantees the high accuracy of rotary cutting;5. Thickened chrome roller;6. Quenching hardened screw;7. Wood core hit cylinder, automatic last piece cutting;8. Automatic oil supply.

veneer peeling machine

8 feet face veneer peeling machine,this machine is specially designed for face veneer peeling. The minimum thickness can reach 0.18mm.

The advantages of this 8 feet rotary cutting machine are also:1. Rotary cutting speed is adjustable;2. All the machine parts are standard universal parts;3. Wood core hit cylinder, automatic last piece cutting;4. Thickened chrome roller;5. Quenching hardened screw.


The customer liked our machine very much. 4 feet full-servo high-speed rotary cutting machine and 8 feet face veneer rotary cutting machine were bought by customers at the exhibition.

We also gained a lot in this exhibition. We communicate face-to-face with customers from different places, understand the needs of our customers, answer questions for our customers, and analyze the needs of our customers to produce machines that are more suitable for our customers.

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