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The correct steps to use the cutter grinder machine

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cutter grinder machine

Precautions before operation of the cutter grinder (knife grinder)machine

1.Before operating the cutter grinder (knife grinder)machine, be sure to read the manual carefully to prevent operating errors and accidental injuries.

2. Check whether the three-phase four-wire power of the  cutter grinder (knife grinder)machine is normal, and whether the running direction of the grinding head and the grinding wheel is consistent with the direction indicated by the stroke button.

3. During the operation of the  cutter grinder (knife grinder)machine, oil should be added to the track at any time to prevent the track from being worn due to lack of oil.

4. In the process of calibrating the knife of the  cutter grinder (knife grinder)machine, if there is a left-right error, it can be adjusted by the adjustment screw on the knife holder.

5. In the process of sharpening, it should be noted that the feed rate of the  cutter grinder (knife grinder)machine should not be too large, generally controlled between 0.01-0.02mm, in case the feed rate is too large and the blade will be deformed due to the paste and the heat is too high. The edge of the sharpened blade is not in a straight line.

6. When there are burrs on the cutting edge of the blade, it means that the blade has been sharpened. At this time, there is no need to advance the knife until the spark becomes smaller. Remove the blade and use oil stone to deburr. (It must be strictly in accordance with the method of using the oilstone attached to the instruction manual)

7. When the  cutter grinder (knife grinder)machine is not in use, the water stains on the knife holder must be wiped clean and greased or oiled to prevent rust.

8. The oil filling hole on the  cutter grinder (knife grinder)machine must be filled with oil before starting work every day.

9. The operator must be attentive and unanimous in the process of sharpening the knife and in the process of installing and removing the blade, so as to prevent personal injury due to danger.

knife grinder machine

When using the  cutter grinder (knife grinder)machine, first insert the carbide round bar into the knife holder of the knife grinder. After the tool spring chuck, when the latch position of the knife holder is locked, the tool will slowly grind forward to the left. 

Grind the flattened tool into a taper. Loosen the horizontal locking handle, turn the horizontal tool post turning device to one-half of the tool taper angle to calculate the degree and lock it, and adjust the position of the tool post when the latch is not inserted into the free state of the slot. , The left hand evenly rotates the handle of the long-axis fine-tuning device. While the tool is slowly grinding to the left, the right hand evenly rotates the tool holder to tighten the nut handle so that the tool is ground into a cone shape.

To sharpen the cutting edge part of the tool, adjust the indexing circle of the tool holder to the 0 degree groove line of the original reference line, rotate 6 slots to the right to make the flattened surface of the tool horizontal and upward, and then adjust the index plate of the tool holder to rotate to the right The 2 grid is the position on the groove line, so that the latch state is locked so that the tool is fixed and cannot be rotated.

At this time, the left hand evenly rotates the long-axis fine-tuning device, and the tool holder slowly grinds to the left, and the left cutting edge of the tool at point a is finely ground.

Put the knife on the knife table of the sharpener, adjust the protruding amount of the knife to about 0.5-1.0cm, the protruding amount of both ends of the knife should be the same, you can use the top wire to fine-tune. Turn on the magnetization switch of the electromagnetic device button to make the knife stick to the knife table. Adjust the position of the angle between the grinding wheel and the blade. If the blade is in contact with the grinding wheel, turn the feed handwheel to separate it.

Turn on the power of the sharpener, turn on the power switch, and the machine enters a normal working state.

Turn the feed hand wheel to push the blade inward slowly and uniformly until it contacts the grinding wheel. Adjust the tightness of the contact between the blade and the grinding wheel, so that the grinding wheel and the blade can work well.




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