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The difference between low temperature and high temperature drying of dryer

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      With the development of science and technology, there are many types of dryer equipment, and different dryer equipment has different drying methods. Today let's take a look at what is the difference between low temperature and high temperature drying in a dryer?


      1. Different exhaust methods: the high-temperature drying of the dryer uses heat to blow out the moisture in the wood, and then discharges it to the outside through the exhaust pipe to increase the temperature and humidity of the environment; while the low-temperature drying of the dryer is Use air convection to condense and separate out moisture, and remove moisture through the drain.


      2. Different drying methods: high temperature drying is to use high temperature (100-120 degrees) to dry wood, and use heat to blow out moisture; while low temperature drying temperature is (60-70 degrees), similar to air conditioning refrigeration In the same way, blow dry the wood.


     3. The price of the dryer is different: the high-temperature drying of the dryer requires a lower technological content, and the wood can be dried at high temperature; while the low-temperature drying of the dryer requires professional electrical equipment, and the price will be higher.


     The dryer is a piece of equipment that is often used in the production of panels, which will affect the quality of the panels, because when the wood is made into panels, it needs to be dried, so as to avoid the deformation of the panels due to shrinkage in the later stage. Now that we understand the difference between high-temperature drying and low-temperature drying in dryers, let's look at some ways to improve dryer efficiency.


     1. When the dryer is working, a large amount of water vapor will be generated. If the water vapor cannot be discharged, there will be many problems. Therefore, when choosing, which one can be combined with the countercurrent dryer and the countercurrent dryer should be selected. Methods.


     2. When using the dryer, do not limit the rotation speed to the minimum, so that the performance of the dryer can be exerted and the contact with the material can be provided, so that the efficiency of the dryer can be improved.


     3. Before the dryer works, it is necessary to check whether the parts of each part are abnormal, such as looseness, falling off, lack of oil, etc., to avoid problems during normal operation.


     In order to improve the working efficiency of the dryer, many aspects need to be considered, and later maintenance and maintenance are also very important, which can reduce the failure rate of the dryer.

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