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The role and operation of the veneer dryer

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veneer dryer

       When the felled wood is put into the market or processed into a board, it needs to be dried in advance, so as to ensure that problems are not easy to occur in the process of later use. Today let's take a look at what are the main purposes of wood dryer?

       1. If the wood is too wet, if it is not handled properly, the wood will be scrapped. The drying machine can prevent the deformation and cracking of the wood caused by the evaporation of water in the later stage.

      2. Using the dryer can also improve the strength of the wood and improve the physical properties of the wood. In the process of use, it is not easy to break.

       3. The use of the dryer can also effectively kill the bacteria, eggs, etc. in the wood, preventing the wood from rotting and eating.

       4. After using the dryer to evaporate the moisture in the wood, the weight of the wood will be greatly reduced, which will also reduce the transportation cost.

       Wood dryers are used in many wood manufacturers, because natural wood has a lot of moisture, and it needs to be treated before use. Otherwise, after the wood is used, the natural evaporation of moisture will cause deformation and affect the use. How should the dryer work?

       1. Before using the dryer, it needs to be preheated, so that it can be used as soon as possible, and some auxiliary tools can be used during preheating.

       2. The dryer needs to be divided into multiple stages when drying, and the drainage volume of each stage is different, so it is necessary to control the temperature of the dryer. 

      3. For some finished wood, it is necessary to maintain the corresponding moisture to avoid damage or cracks in the wood.

       4. During the drying process of the wood dryer, there will be dust, powder, etc., which need to be cleaned regularly to avoid affecting the normal use of the dryer.

      Therefore, the dryer is a very important machine in the production of plywood, which will directly affect the weight of the wood and reduce the cost.




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