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Trouble-shooting method of the veneer stacker machine

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      In the plywood veneer production line, the use of a veneer stacker machine makes plywood veneer production more convenient. In the application process of the high-speed veneer stacker machine, the occurrence of some application failures will affect the use of the veneer stacker machine. Therefore, we need to understand the causes of related faults, and timely check and deal with them to ensure that the machine is operating normally.

veneer stacker

During the use of the veneer stacker machine, an over-travel alarm is sometimes displayed when an alarm failure occurs, which indicates that the board retractor has reached the limit position during operation. It is necessary to check whether the designed graphic size is the copying processing range; check the woodworking machinery and equipment Whether the motor shaft and lead screw connection are loose. If loose, tighten the screws. In addition, you need to check whether the woodworking machinery and the computer are properly grounded, and whether the current coordinate value exceeds the soft limit value range.

The above are the places we should check when the alarm fault of the high-speed veneer stacker is generated, so as to ensure the normal operation of the winder and ensure the excellent use of the product.

About the noise problem of the veneer stacker

In the application of high-speed veneer stacker machine, some noise will be generated due to the friction of parts and components. Excessive noise will affect people's health. Therefore, when using it, we need to reduce noise .

If the noise of the high-speed veneer stacker is too loud, it will affect the operator. The manufacturer will take some measures to reduce its noise during production, and users will actively cooperate with it, which can greatly reduce the equipment noise.

Except for the sound made by the veneer stacker during work, all other sounds are noise. During operation, two kinds of noise, structural vibration noise and aerodynamic noise, will be emitted, and the causes of these two sounds are different. The structural vibration noise is due to the imbalance of the main saw blade and the misalignment of the spindle. Also caused by loose bearings. The main shaft needs to be at the same center, and the assembly quality of the main shaft bearing should be good, and the main saw blade should be balanced to reduce the noise.

The aerodynamic noise of the high-speed veneer stacker is because when the main saw blade rotates rapidly, it drives the surrounding air to flow. Where the flow is, the saw teeth and the main saw blade can interact with each other, causing fluctuations in the position, resulting in large the sound of.

During the operation of the automatic veneer stacker machine, vibration is an inevitable problem. If the vibration is too large, it will affect its use, so we must take some measures to reduce its vibration in production and use, so as to achieve better Use effect.

If you want to solve the vibration problem of the veneer stacker, you must first cut off the power supply when using it, and check the situation that the machine needs to cut the material. It may be because the cutting material is not clamped, so the vibration is generated. If there is still vibration after the adjustment is completed, you need to look at the condition of the woodworking machinery and equipment tools. This may be due to the failure of the equipment when the tools are installed.

In addition, when using an automatic veneer stacker, you should also slow it down to ensure the stable performance of the retractor, otherwise vibration will occur. These are the key points to avoid vibration problems in the application of the retractor.

There are other problems in the use of the machine, please feel free to contact us.




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