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Veneer stacker machine structure and operation

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The high-speed veneer stacker machine is a machine for sorting and stacking the panels after the plywood veneer peeling  machine is cut. The role of plywood machines is also important. In the application of a high-speed veneer stacker machine, to ensure the safety of the equipment and ensure the stability of the machine, the machine needs to be tested before the official use. We need to understand the relevant operations of the harvester to achieve better results.

The first feeding mechanism, the feeding mechanism, the second feeding mechanism, the falling plate structure and the output plate output mechanism of the high-speed veneer stacker machine are arranged from left to right; the horizontally inclined supply frames are symmetrically arranged on both sides of the supply frame The first photocell and the second photocell. The feeding mechanism includes a supply rack, a supply shaft, a baffle device, and a rupture plate conveyor belt. The lowering mechanism of the high-speed capping machine includes a closing frame and a lowering frame which are placed in the middle of the closing frame by a lifting platform disposed below the cylinder block and the lowering frame. The output disc output mechanism is provided with a horizontal bracket and a walking wheel below the horizontal bracket.

Before the capping machine is tested, it is necessary to check the running parts first. Ensure that parts have reliable flexibility before they can be used. Also, check the hydraulic oil before use. When the hydraulic oil is insufficient, it needs to be added in time. After these checks are completed, the machine can be started. When the test machine is required, it needs to be rotated at a low speed, and after three times of operation, it is then operated at a high speed.




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