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Why does the spindleless veneer peeling machine drop the knife when it is working?

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veneer peeling machine

      Plywood production needs to use some woodworking machinery and equipment. After using these machinery for a long time, various problems will occur. At this time, we need to check the faults, and then solve these problems in a targeted manner. Fault, what we know today is the veneer peeling machine(rotary cutting machine) of woodworking machinery. When we use the spindleless veneer peeling machine, sometimes the equipment will drop the knife. This kind of failure is very dangerous. Let's learn in detail why the spindleless veneer peeling machine equipment will drop the knife when it is working.


      The veneer peeling machine(rotary cutting machine) is large in size and complex in structure. Before the machine is installed, the log needs to be centered. If the centering is not accurate, intermittent veneer strips or narrow veneers will be spun out when the rotary cutting starts. The more broken veneers or narrow veneers, the more , it will affect the output of high-quality veneer, which is not conducive to the continuity of production. The rotary cutter is an important part of the rotary cutter, but when the rotary cutter is automatically changing the cutter, the cutter will occasionally drop out. The occurrence of this failure will seriously affect the production speed. Increase production costs.


      So how should we deal with this situation?


      1. Check the connection wires of the induction switch of the veneer peeling machine(rotary cutting machine), and find that the wiring terminals behind the switch are loose. When the tool is changed automatically, the series of actions of the manipulator cause slight vibration, which makes the lead wire of the switch in a state of poor contact. At this time, the manipulator is not fully in place, and the magnetic induction switch that detects its in-position is still in the sensing state, and X4.7 should be "0". But if it is in the state of disconnection, X4.7 will become "1", which will cause the tool to loosen and cause the tool to drop.


      2. Use the automatic tool change program of the rotary cutter to check patiently. In the trial operation of hundreds of automatic tool changes of the rotary cutter for several hours, a fault was finally caught: when the manipulator was moving and not in place, the tool on the spindle was released, causing the manipulator to move. The tool is not caught, causing the tool to drop.


      3. The reason for the failure of the veneer peeling machine(rotary cutting machine) is the malfunction of the magnetic induction switch that detects the position of the tool changing manipulator. From the PLC ladder diagram, the input point of this switch is X4.7. Its normally closed contact is used in the ladder diagram. It is "1" when it is not sensed, and "O'" when it is sensed. Now it is in the sensing position, but the state is "1", indicating that the situation is abnormal. Try to replace the switch, and then observe that there is no Variety.


      The above is the reason why the spindleless veneer peeling machine(rotary cutting machine) will drop the knife when it is working. If you want to know about other veneer peeling machine(rotary cutting machine) faults, please click to view the relevant article content!

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