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Wide belt sanding machine

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sanding machine

There are many classifications of sanding machine. wide-belt sanding machine is one of them. wide-belt sanding machine are currently the most widely used plywood manufacturers because of their large grinding capacity, high efficiency, fast feed speed, easier belt replacement, and better quality for processing plywood. In addition to plywood, many wooden products such as door leaves and floors are also processed with broadband sanders.

According to the number of sanding surfaces, the wide-belt sanding machine can be divided into single-sided sanding machine, double-sided fixed-thickness sanding machine and sand planer; Four sand racks, etc.; Broad-band sanders divided into solid wood parts, veneer or veneer, man-made boards and paint films, etc. according to the functions used. wide-belt sanding machine have good sanding quality and high production efficiency, and are commonly used in the production of plywood and wooden furniture. The sanding machine currently used has made some structural improvements, such as adding horizontal abrasive belts, using rubber rollers, sanding rollers, etc. The structure of the improved sander becomes simpler, and the operation and maintenance are more convenient.

wide-belt sanding machine is an important equipment in the production of MDF. It can not only do fixed thickness processing, but also fine processing, remove some appearance defects and improve product quality.

So what are the other uses of wide-belt sanding machine?

1. Thick sanding can be fixed to improve the thickness and accuracy of the product. For example, the veneer substrate needs to be sanded with a fixed thickness before it is applied.

2. Surface sanding, improve the quality of the product surface, sand evenly on the board surface, eliminate the knife pattern left by the previous process, make the surface of the board more beautiful and smooth.

3. Sanding refers to sanding the back of the decorative board in order to ensure the bonding strength between the decorative board and the substrate.

   Sanding machine is one of the important equipments in the plywood machine. It should also pay attention to the maintenance of the machine during use, otherwise it will affect the life of the machine and the quality of the product, causing losses. When using the sander, you should pay attention to the following points: 1. The sander should not be exposed to direct sunlight, which will cause damage to the coating wheel. 2. Change the oil of the reducer every three months, and add grease to other moving parts once a month. 3. A conveyor belt that is too tight will cause the conveyor shaft to deform and break, resulting in a short service life, so the conveyor belt should not be too tight. 4. Choose the coating wheel with weak corrosion force.




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