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Wood core veneer peeling machine

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      wood core veneer peeling machine

      The spindle less rotary cutting machine is an essential machine for plywood manufacturers, mainly cutting the wood segments into thin wooden boards. It can effectively improve the utilization rate of wood, and re-screw the remaining wood segments of the card rotary cutter. So wood producers like to use a spindle less veneer peeling machine.
     In fact, for the remaining wood core of the cardless rotary cutting machine, we can also carry out the second rotation. The wood core rotary cutting machine produced by our factory can rotate and cut the remaining wood core of the cardless rotary cutting machine to improve the utilization of wood.
      It is different from the mechanical clamping long axis rotary cutting machine and the hydraulic clamping card shaft rotary cutting machine of the traditional structure. There is no card shaft in the spindle less rotary cutter for clamping the wood and causing it to rotate. The rotational movement of the wood segment is produced by the friction roller or the toothed roller being driven on each other on both sides of its outer edge. The two oscillating rollers function as friction drive and feed, and the length of the friction roller and the length of the presser frame are equal. When rotary cutting, the two friction rollers always apply a uniform force along the wood segment. While driving the wood segment to rotate the blade edge, the wood segment is pushed toward the knife to achieve the rotary cutting. When the wood segments become smaller, the two friction rollers can be placed very close together. Therefore, the diameter of the wood core can be small after the rotary cutting, which further improves the exit rate of the wood segment. Also, to reduce the turning resistance and improve the quality of the rotary cutting veneer, the rotary cutter can be repeatedly rotated along the length direction of the rotary cutter under the driving of the cutter bed vibration system.
     The emergence of wood core rotary cutting machines has increased wood utilization and reduced production costs.

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