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knife grinder application characteristics and maintenance methods

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   knife grinder

    The cutter grinder is a device used to grind the tool. It uses automatic feed, which increases the degree of automation, reduces labor intensity and improves efficiency. The sharpened blade line is straight and the strength is higher, which makes the blade life and processing ability stronger.
    As a piece of precision equipment, the CNC knife grinder machine should always be used for maintenance during use. The track should be lubricated frequently. After each grinding, it should be cleaned. The grinding wheel should be replaced in time, and the equipment should be checked regularly. Metal dust on the surface can be cleaned with kerosene and then lubricated to prevent rust or damage. The amount of feed should not be too large when sharpening the knife. It should not be barbaric. The scrapped tool should be placed in the waste box. It is strictly forbidden to discard it. Turn off the machine after the operation is completed.

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