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4 Feet veneer production line

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        The veneer production line produced by our factory arrived at the customer's factory. After the installation and debugging, it will come on stream soon. This production line is manufactured  according to customer’s requirements, It mainly includes Log feeding machine for cutting saw, cutting saw, Log position correct device, Log feeding machine for debarker, Log debarker, Bark transmission, automatic log feeding device for peeling machine, veneer peeling machine, Wood core transmission and veneer stacker.

        One this veneer peeling line, the first machine is a log feeding machine , this feeding machine stores and feed logs for the cutting saw. After the log feeding machine is the cutting saw,  the cutting saw is used for cutting the logs into two standard 1300mm logs. After cut, the standard logs are transported into a log feeding device by horizontal screw conveyor. After the log feeding device is a log debarker. The log debarker is used for removing the barks and rounding the logs, the removed barks will be transported outside by a wood bark conveyor. Then the rounded log will be transported to veneer peeling machine by an automatic log feeding device, this device are controlled by computer, it can load the logs for veneer peeling machine automatic and the sensor on the log feeding device can guarantee the logs feeding to the peeling machine one by one. As the main machine of the peeling line, the peeling speed can reach 120m/min,the output is twice more than the common machines. The final machine of this line is a vacuum stacking machine , comparing with other type veneer stacking machine, the vacuum stacking machine have the advantage of fast stacking speed. And in order to adapt the stacking speed, we have changed the stacking platform from chain type to scissor lifter, the stacking height will be higher than other stacking platform. And when the stacking height reaches the highest height, the stack will be moved out, but the stacking machine will not stop work.

        Our factory can provide a variety of veneer production equipment, can be customized according to customer's requirements. Our factory technicians will test the machine before it leaves the factory to ensure  quality of the machine. If you need, our engineers can also come to your factory for installation and debugging. No matter when, we will try our best to provide our best quality products and perfect service for all of our customers.

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