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Veneer peeling machine

These are related to the Veneer peeling machine news, in which you can learn about the updated information in Veneer peeling machine, to help you better understand and expand Veneer peeling machine market. Because the market for Veneer peeling machine is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • Two factors affecting CNC veneer peeling machine

    The cutting speed of the CNC veneer peeling machine can directly affect the quality and output of the panels produced by the plywood manufacturers, which is very important for the panel manufacturers. However, in the process of using the veneer peeling lathe, there will be two factors that have a ce

  • Determination of the thickness of the peeling veneer

    The plywood that you usually see, such as three-plywood and five-plywood, is composed of the veneer. When the veneer peeling machine is peeling the veneer, the thickness of the peeling veneer must be determined according to the thickness of the finished plywood. However, in actual production, there

  • Rotary Cutting of Veneer

    Veneer is usually made in three ways, veneer rotary cutting, veneer planing and veneer sawing.The most widely used is rotary cutting. Wood is processed into veneer by rotary cutting machine(veneer peeling machine). The veneer produced is mainly used for plywood production.The rotary cutting is the m

  • Method for preventing veneer deformation

    The quality of veneer production determines the quality of plywood. Therefore, the production of veneer is often important in the production of plywood. In addition to the veneer rotary cutting, the veneer drying of the veneer is also a very critical link. Let ’s take a look at the problems that ari

  • Veneer drying quality control

    After the veneer is dried by the veneer dryer, the veneer is evaluated in terms of shrinkage, deformation, moisture content and its distribution.First talk about the shrinkage and deformation of the veneer. Wood can absorb a certain amount of water, and the size of the wood will change due to the mo

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